Wazifa For Good Relationship With Mother In Law

Wazifa For Good Relationship With Mother In Law

Wazifa For Good Relationship With Mother In Law , ” I want to tell you that women have died because of their mother in law, they have been told to marry, and they have been arrested from the hospital. Jinka shohar too was not able to do anything because she did not know how to do it. It is very important that everyone should know that he has no knowledge of his or her name or any of his friends, either from family members or from family members, all of whom have been asked to go to school.

If you have any questions about this, then you will not be able to do this in any way. I do not know how many times I’m going to have a drink.

Wazifa For Good Relationship With Mother In Law

If you want to remove the item (1000) from the current (3 × 3) mrtba, then you will not be able to send it to “Ya Muizzu”. If you want to put a glass of water on the glass, and when you reach the top of the stove, you will be able to pump water. Bas (40) I do not know what to look like and what I want to do, I do not want to talk about anything. If you have any questions, please fill out your query.

If I do not agree with me, then I am sorry to say that I do not know why I have not forgotten my name. Inshaa’Allah has apologized to me for the purpose of being a friend or friend, but I am sorry to say that he is behaving badly with his wife.

Wazifa For Good Relationship With Mother In Law in Hindi

Yeh wazifa se woh tamam women kay liay hay jinka susral(mother in law) mei zillat uthati hain, taanay sunti hain aur hiqaarat ki nigah se dekha jata hai. Jinka shohar bhi qadar naa krta hou unkay liay yeh wazif kisi nemat se kam nahi hoga. Sab se pehlay aurat ko chahiay woh apnay susral walon ki aur shohar ki khidmat mei koi kotahi naa karay apni saas se ya deegar family members se achay se pesh aaye, sabar har masla ka hal uska ajar bhi bay’shumar hay.

Sabar karty hoye agar meri behne yeh wazifa kren ge tou Inshaa’Allah susraal mei aapki izzat wa qadar har zuban per aam rahay ge aur aik sachi izzat(respect) nasib hoge. Har koi aapse mohabbat w adab se pesh aaye ga amal aik dam aasan hay.

Pak saf hokar ba’wuzu kisi aik waqt per (1000) mrtba awwal wa aakhir (3×3) mrtba durood sharif kay sath Ism-e-ilahi “Ya Muizzu” kou parrhna hay. Parrhty waqt samny aik glass pani ka rakhen aur jab parrh chukay tou usper dam kar kay woh pani khud pi jayen. Bas (40) din wazifa krna hay aur waqt jou fursat ka hou muqarrar kar lain, koi parhez nahi bas makhsoos dino mei tark kr den. Phir taharat hasil hotay phir jitnay din baqi thay porey kar lain.

Khawateen kay liay susraal mei izzaat hasil karnay kay liye Bohat la’jawab amal hay bas apni neyyat saaf rakhain kisi ka dil naa dukhayen. Inshaa’Allah aapko apkay maqsad mei kamyabi hoge aapka shohar ya saas bad’zuban hay tou uske liye bhi yeh behtreen zuban bandi ka wazifa hay.

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